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Making pet travel more affordable

Animal Health Certificates UK North is based in Leeds and was founded to provide easy access to the legal travel documentation needed to take your pet to the EU.
An AHC is needed if you will be travelling with you dog, cat or ferret from the UK into an EU country. AHCs can certify a maximum of 5 pets travelling with an owner. It is a legal requirement for travel and exists to keep the UK free from rabies and to ensure the pet is compliant with tapeworm treatment upon return to the UK.




Andrew Miller BVSc CertAVP MRCVS

Andrew graduated from Bristol University in 2010. Since then he has worked in small animal practice and became an advanced veterinary practitioner in 2021. He is an Official Veterinarian which allows him to certify non commercial animal exports.


What YOU need to do:


1. Check your pet is microchipped and registered in the owner's name.

Your pet will need to be vaccinated against rabies. (Please note this is a separate vaccine to the annual boosters and can't be administered at the same time as an annual booster in most cases).


2. Use the Book Online Page to book an appointment. Your AHC appointment must be at least 21 days after your pet's primary rabies vaccination (the day of rabies vaccination is counted as day 0) and within 10 days of your travel (with the day of issue counting as day 1).

Please bear in mind we are based in Horsforth, Leeds and will need to meet the owner (or the person authorised in writing by the owner) as well as the pet at the time of signing the AHC. We meet at Fink Hill Car Park (LS18 5DX).

3. Ask your vets to email the rabies vaccination history to The vaccination history must include owner's details, microchip number and evidence the chip was scanned prior to rabies vaccination, date of vaccination, manufacturer and batch number of the vaccination used. 


What WE will do:


1. We will send you a number of questions to answer and a link to an online form that you will need to complete. 


2. We will use the information provided to prepare your AHC. Once written you will receive an invoice and confirmation of meeting place and time.


3. We will meet you on the date of issue of the AHC to scan the pet’s microchip, check their fitness to travel and sign the AHC for you to take on your travels.



First pet £99 each additional pet £30 to a maximum of 5 pets. 



For clients that have used our services before, provide repeat AHCs for £69 and £30 for each additional pet. 


Depending on the import requirements for non EU countries we may be able to issue an EHC. Please get in touch for further information and prices.


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