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Why are our Animal Health Certificate prices one of the cheapest in the UK?

Updated: Jan 16

Hi I am Andrew, and pictured above is my dog Louie. I am an Official Vet (OV), I trained for 5 Years at Bristol University, and I have since completed a certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice. I have 13 years experience as a first opinion vet and alongside our AHC business I currently locum in a practice in harrogate.

How we started AHC UK North

In 2022 at the practice I was working in I found I was the only OV in the practice who had the qualification to issue AHC’s.

The general charge was £300 per certificate but I realised this can be issued at a more reasonable rate by setting up my own certification service.

Being a mobile AHC provider we have no in-practice overheads which enables us to provide AHC’s at a reasonable and accessible price point, as we would not be taking up valuable clinic and operating time within a traditional practice.

As a mobile AHC provider we still abide by the certifying requirements to issue an Animal Health Certificate:

The pet must be physically present when issuing the AHC, this is so I can verify their ID by scanning their microchip.

The owner or authorised person travelling with the pet must be present at the time of issue.

An OV needs to certify the rabies vaccination. I ask you to get at your local vets, as an OV can certify a rabies vaccination which has been administered by another vet, as long as the information is passed directly from the vet to the OV.

It is for this reason that we ask you to contact your vet and request they email us your pet’s rabies vaccination records, including proof that the microchip was scanned prior to the vaccination.

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